COLM O'REGAN: Opening Lines: We’ll do an eco-brick tapestry about love and hugs

Colm O'Regan shares his therapy against the relentless bad eco-news

There are some injuries that are very much of their time. It is unlikely that many of us will get Chimney-Sweeps Elbow or Spit-Boy’s Fat-Burn. Similarly, there are injuries that could only occur now.

The spraining of a finger of a Data Analyst as they collide with a trainee accountant at tag-rugby, scrolling-induced repetitive strain injury, electric-scooter knee; none of these would have happened in the days of short trousers and regular beatings.

I’m going to stick my neck out – another potential source of injury, Hot Take Neck – and say that the most modern injury will shortly be Eco-brick Thumb. It’s the thumb sprain you get when trying to cram stuff into an eco-brick in order to achiever the correct level of ‘fillage’.

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