Cork on the Rise: A revival backed by a unified vision will ensure region prospers further

A risorgimento on Leeside can come to the aid of the nation, writes Allan Prosser


Cork on the Rise: Dublin needs to set Cork free if city is to reach its full economic potential

To address our challenges, Cork needs much more autonomy and freedom to shape its future prospects, argues Dr Frank Crowley.


Cork on the Rise: Mad about the artistic projects renewing sense of pride Leeside

Mad about reimagining Cork city community groups involved in painting, street art and guerrilla gardening projects are fuelling a renewed sense of pride Leeside, even making electricity boxes hot property, writes Ellie O’Byrne.


Cork on the Rise: A city with all the right ingredients for a sustainable future

Cork has strong economic and cultural foundations and an embarrassment of natural and landscape assets. Can they be knitted together to ensure a sustainable good life for generations to come, asks Shane Clarke, urban designer and CEO of Nano Nagle Place in Cork city.